Autism/Asperger syndrome is not a processing error, it’s another operating system.

Why auticonsult

Business analytics, test automation and complex software development projects are becoming increasingly important as digitalization progresses. Precision and lateral thinking is required in IT departments. This is where the extraordinary auticonsult employees come in: All our consultants are on the Autism/Asperger syndrome spectrum and have unique cognitive strengths, e.g.

  • Attention to detail
  • Systematical way of working
  • Logical analysis
  • Pattern recognition
  • Error detection
  • Sustainable concentration for routine activities

People with Autism/Asperger syndrome are an asset to any team. Special talents in logic, detail and pattern recognition are typical for many people with Autism/Asperger syndrome as well as enormous concentration and a pronounced interest in IT, physics, mathematics and technology. Autism/Asperger syndrom people can thus make a significant contribution to outstanding performance quality in the areas of IT and compliance: top tier companies and many small and medium-sized enterprises already rely on auticonsult for IT projects, especially in the areas of:

  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Analytics
  • Software Development & Migration
  • Compliance & Reporting.

Our customers receive excellent work results in these areas, e.g.:

  • First class quality work
  • High working speed
  • Unbiased Evaluation
  • Bulletproof documentation
  • Creative solutions for “unsolvable” tasks

Autism/Asperger syndrome

Autism/Asperger syndrome represents an innate deviation in information processing, in thinking and in emotions, that can be very valuable for companies – if it is integrated systematically and purposefully into existing teams and processes. This is exactly what we at auticonsult have been doing since 2011.

In addition to an often extremely high level of professional competence, however, Autism/Asperger syndrome can also bring with it challenges in professional life that many non-autistic people master with ease and without thinking: Interpersonal interactions, eye contact and touch, dealing with non-verbal signals, excessive sensory stimuli, small talk and much more make it difficult for them to deal with and cooperate with neurotypical employees in companies. auticonsult is the first company to exclusively employ people on the Autism/Asperger syndrome spectrum as IT consultants and thus combine economic and social goals: With auticonsult, many of our consultants experience their very first permanent employment or are appreciated for the first time for their way of working. We provide specially trained job coaches and project managers who are available as direct contacts for companies and consultants before and during the entire project so that companies and consultants can work together and the consultants can perform up to their full potential.

It is our business …

… to create opportunities for people with autism/Asperger syndrome to do highly qualified work. By employing people with Autism/Asperger syndrome we create added value for our society as a whole, economically and far beyond: working with colleagues with Autism/Asperger syndrome is first and foremost an entrepreneurial decision that takes us all forward as people: because welcoming neurodiversity, i.e. diversity also in neurobiological dispositions and developments, makes every team stronger and helps companies to prepare themselves for the coming challenges of digitalization. It promotes innovation, improves team communication, and creates new team spirit through diversity and openness. By setting a good example and showing that diversity means wealth, companies become a model for our whole society.

What our clients say

“The auticonsult consultant had to learn a lot of new things. That worked out incredibly well. Besides the excellent work the colleague is doing, we think it is great to give people a chance to gain a foothold in the job market!”

Roman Gabri | Head of Governance, Quality and Professional Services /
Testing Services at Fiducia & GAD IT AG.

“Two consultants from auticonsult supported our test service provider evosoft GmbH. The consultants performed analysis, creation and implementation of functional system and regression tests. The employees familiarized themselves very quickly and were already able to exceed the average 125 test case processes/day by almost 50 % in the first week. We are more than satisfied with the speed and quality of auticonsult consultants.”

Rainer Degenhardt | Programme-Manager at Siemens and René Matthäi | Portfolio-Manager at evosoft

“For us, the use of the auticonsult consultant has absolutely brought the hoped-for added value. His extremely precise eye and his very high-quality standards in testing are worth its weight in gold for us. ”

Dr. Thomas Seeger | Head of Software Development at Deichmann

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Our consultants

“auticonsult enables me to work the way I want to work: I can fully focus on the quality of my work and don’t have to worry about those factors that may stop me from doing an excellent job. The best thing about working for auticonsult is that I can do what I’m good at.”

Martin Neumann

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